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Swisshome, Oregon, USA. is located 8 mile east of Mapleton,Oregon on Highway 36.The elevation is barely above sea level. It is also 22 miles from the Coastal town of Florence, where much of the shopping is done.
Florence is located at the junction of Highways 101 & 126.
Swisshome is so small that I doubt there is a population count.
The name Swisshome originated in 1902 because of a Swiss family who lived where The Old Murphy Mill is located now. The Heinrich Zweidler Family established the Post Office and as Mr Zweidler was Postmaster the name of Swisshome followed naturally.
Before the town became Swisshome it was known as Norwood.
In 1913 the town was a "Mill Town". The Blaine Lumber mill was on the river just below the main road which is now Highway 36. The Cook house for the mill was located where the present Fire Station is. Across 4th street from it was the Store that is the sight of the present Post Office. The Store now is in the place that the School had in 1913. It is nestled in a Valley with the Siuslaw River running beside it.
A train runs through it generally twice a day. Once going and once coming back down to the coast. It is called a Mom & Pop railroad.
Swisshome has no local police. We are dependant upon the County Sheriffs' department for our police needs. Our 911 system is through the Florence City Police Department. Our State Partol is dispatched through our State capitol, Salem,OR.
Ambulances are dispatched out of Florence also.
Nor do they have any local Schools. The children are bussed to Mapleton.The Buses run as far as Deadwood and all the side roads between. Another 5 miles east of Swisshome.
Of the 2 churches in the area. Swisshome Evangelical Church is right in Swisshome.
The Central Lane Assembly of God church has a Swisshome Address but located in town of Tide. Tide is 2 miles west of Swisshome.
All other business in Tide has ceased.
The Rural Postal delivery includes Tide.
The telephone listing are included in the Mapleton section of the Phone directory. We Share the same prefix number.